The ONLY age specific reality self-defence leadership program in the UK

Bring the revolutionary L.I.O.N.S system to your school and watch the kids thrive. This after-school club promises to make your school happy, the parents happy and the kids happy.

L.I.O.N.S has two primary focuses – Reality Self-Defence and Leadership. This Breakthrough curriculum is based on scientific principles and has been designed from the ground up taking a childs physical and psychological stage of development into account.

This new System has been designed and developed by Chirag Lukha who is a world champion martial artist, a 4th degree blackbelt in Karate (as well as having black belts in Shaolin Wushu and Kempo Freestyle) and Author. Chirag has combined over 20 years of martial arts experience with his degree in Psychology to create more than just a martial art. Its an empowerment and character building system that uses martial arts as the vehicle.

As a child I was in and out of hospital for asthma and had such low self-confidence that I couldn’t even hold a conversation. So my parents thought a martial arts class might help me, and if someone had told me that day that one day I would be a world champion who has traveled the world, represented my country, worked with celebrities and people in big Hollywood films and even performed for royalty I would have never believed them. Thats why its so important to me to have created the L.I.O.N.S system as a way to give back and empower the next generation to become champions of life. – Chirag Lukha

Chirag teaches all classes himself so you can be sure of the quality of lessons and that your students will be served on the highest level. He is also DBS (Formerly CRB) checked, licensed and recognised by a world martial arts body and insured to teach classes.

How do the kids learn?

All students are taught using active learning methods where fun drills and structured ‘play’ form the foundation of life-skills and leadership-lessons. By understanding physical and psychological stages of development we have selected 12 age-appropriate ‘L.I.O.N Life-skills’ to make the program.

Our students will work through 1 skill a week for each week of the school term. Each week the students are awarded a stripe on their belt to show their success in the skill of the week. Once all 12 skills have been competed a student is awarded the next belt colour. As students progress through the belts they learn a wider variety of techniques and applications to real life situations.

BENEFIT –  children learn the value of breaking down big goals (achieving black belt) into progressive steps (grade belts) which are broken down into small manageable tasks (belt stripes). This skill prepares them for goal setting in their academic lives and achievement excellence after education. You will see them shine with confidence as they achieve personal bests.

Leadership Logs

we incorporate LIONS Leadership lessons within classes. Each month we have a ‘word of the month’ wherein students get to explore character-building and moral life lessons. These skills are invaluable way beyond their applicability in the martial arts.

BENEFIT: Students learn life lessons such as the importance of acceptance, gratitude and effective communication to become valuable members of society. You will see their behaviour alter as they become better communicators, and more helpful to friends, teachers and at home.

Why is the system Age Specific?

The system is age-specific for 2 reasons –

  1. Bespoke Training – Students get to enjoy learning with others at their same age and stage of development. We have worked with Teachers and Teaching staff to understand that children at age 5 learn differently to children at age 15 and we cater our teaching style to best serve our students. After all we don’t teach the same maths to someone at age 5 as to those at age 15, so martial arts should be the same.
  2. Reality Based – our self defence system is a set of life-saving principles which we apply into scenarios which are age appropriate. For example it is almost totally useless for a 5 year old to learn self defence at an ATM machine (something a 15 year old will benefit from) where as they almost certainly need to know how to deal with abduction attempts and playground bullying.

How do we bring it to our school

Bringing L.I.O.N.S Self defence with Chirag Lukha to your school is simple. All you need is a school gym, dinner hall or empty classroom and we will do the rest. We provide all equipment, insurances and marketing materials.

STEP 1 – Arrange a Meeting with Chirag Lukha to discuss when you would like to begin the course and which day of the week you would like the club to run (limited by availability) as well as the age group you would like us to teach.

STEP 2 – We give you all of the ready built marketing materials (posters, leaflets & emails). All you have to do is hand them out

STEP 3 – We begin and you watch your students thrive with skills and shine with confidence as they become a part of the ‘L.I.O.N.S Pride’

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