If a gunman walked into your workplace right now and opened fire, would you know exactly what to do?

The changing face of terrorism 

The unfortunate reality is that the face of terrorism is changing. A few years ago terrorist attacks were fewer and largely organised acts of mass terror (like 9/11 or the 7/7 bombings. These days we only need to turn on the news to find yet another ‘lone wolf’ attack in yet another business establishment. The truth is that these attacks are becoming more frequent and are no longer huge organised acts which can be intercepted at the planning stage by the authorities. This is why as a business it is important to have a workplace terrorism response plan that your employees know and can implement to save their own lives and even your clients or customers.

Whats your plan?

Up until recently there was an outdated plan for mass shooter survival which was simply to ‘lock down’ the building and wait for the police. In more recent times this proved ineffective as the average police response time way between 10-15 minutes where as the average shooting spree only lasted an average of 5-7 minutes.

To remedy this, the government put out a civilian response plan known as ‘Run, Hide and Tell’ (Run, Hide and Fight in the USA). This response teaches people to escape if possible, and if not possible then to hide. It even offers some useful tips on where you could hide. These are the basic principles outlined by the authorities but are by no means fully comprehensive and do not cover all the bases.

for example, should you hide close to the door or away from it? Should you switch lights off or leave them on? Should you run in zig-zags to avoid fire or straight? How would you barricade a door if you were hiding? How can you secure a door which opens outwards and has no door-lock?

The police said that you can even fight if instinct takes over. But how? After all most people do not have specialist disarming skills nor are they well versed in combat.

The LIONS P.R.I.D.E System was created to answer all these questions. It is a complimentary system to the governments run hide tell program and is designed for those with no specialist law enforcement or military training. The program empowers your employees with a simple step by step, move by move plan to survive a brutal terrorist attack in the workplace.

PRIDE stands for Preparedness (& Prevention), Reaction, Inform, Defend & Evacuate


  • Effective Emergency Operation Plans and their importance in Active Shooter incidents
  • incident management planning
  • incident command systems and procedures
  • pre-incident plans
  • rapid interventions
  • The Always On-Guard principle
  • prepared not paranoid principle
  • early recognition – how to recognise and prevent terrorist attacks before they even happen
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • the fortress hardening principle
  • concentric rings and how to use them
  • how environmental factors can be the difference between life and death and what to do about them
  • bomb awareness
  • gunshot recognition
  • effective leadership and teamwork in a crisis situation


  • threat recognition to reaction
  • how to manage fear
  • control the fight of flight reaction and harness it to your advantage
  • escape and evasion tactics
  • cover and concealment
  • how to cover yourself from sight
  • gaining the tactical advantage
  • cover from fire
  • concealment inside a room
  • 7 ways to lock a door that has no lock (even if it opens outwards)
  • escape from the kill zone
  • barricading
  • hiding in plain sight
  • all the places you can hide
  • effective lock-downs
  • the 5 places you must NEVER hide and what to do if you find yourself in one of them


  • how to inform the police
  • what to do and more importantly what not to do when law enforcement come on site
  • how to alert co-workers without alarming the shooter
  • how to communicate with co-workers even if you don’t have a phone


  • the LIONS Stampede method and how to use it
  • sure-fire gun disarming for those who have no training or experience
  • how to look for the shooter without leaving your safe zone
  • layer obstacles
  • the collective resistance
  • counter intrusion tactics for the unarmed civilian
  • Hook, Line and Sinker – understand a shooters psychology and how to use it against them
  • tying a shooter down
  • confronting multiple shooters
  • ‘head-on confrontation with nowhere to run’ survival
  • stopping the shooter from the door (3 techniques)


  • how to run from danger (This isn’t what you think)
  • Evasion and Evacuation
  • How to Evacuate from corridors
  • evacuating a building under attack
  • stairwell escape

The Terrorism & Active Shooter Survival course can run in one of 3 formats


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