INTRODUCING iKickFit - An Incredible New Way to Get Fit and Feel Fantastic with Empowering 30 Minute Workouts from the Comfort of Your own Home

"Finally, an Exciting Way to Burn Calories and Get Fit Without Sweaty Gyms, Expensive Equipment or Boring Programmes"

What Is iKickFit?

iKickFit is a revolutionary, ACTION PACKED, fitness kickboxing programme that is guaranteed to have you sweating, smiling and slimming with exciting
30 minute workouts. This system is based on Science and the latest findings in the Psychology of Neurobics.

No Contact
No Partners needed
No Expensive Equipment

Once the music starts it's all about YOU and YOUR PERSONAL GOALS. 

In just 30 minutes you will build lean muscle, burn more fat and sculpt your body - MAXIMUM RESULTS and FAST!

With our magic formula you get 5 self paced heart pumping workouts designed to work the whole body, from the top of your head to the sole of your feet, and unleash your inner warrior. 

WORKOUT 1 - SPEED - Here we use the science of 'Fartlek Training' (speed play) to burn maximum calories in minimum time. 

WORKOUT 2 - STRENGTH - A knockout session of interval training that builds long lean muscles without the bulk. 

WORKOUT 3 - SHRED - This is cardio on a whole new level

WORKOUT 4 - SCULPT - cardio to burn the fat and core strength spikes to make your abs pop

WORKOUT 5 - SMASH - A LIVE workout each week using elements of the previous 4 workouts to help you SMASH your goals while having fun with your iKickFit Family! 

In each workout you will go through a mentally and physically stimulating journey of 5 rounds. Each round is an intense bout of 5 minutes. 


EVERY 30 days we will change the programme to keep it fresh and keep your body guessing to give you the best results. You can start the programme at any point in the cycle and progress through your desired goals.

Who Is iKickFit For?

iKickFit is for you if you are looking for a new and interesting way to get fit and stay healthy even if you have never thrown a punch of a kick in your life. This programme takes you on a journey from absolute beginner through to fighting fit ninja-feeling rockstar with a clearly mapped progress plan to suit your stage of fitness and your goals. 

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED to get started! The moves are simple and easy and we will show you step-by-step how to progress through your own personal journey. 

iKickFit is specifically designed and developed for adults aged over 18 who want to get fit and stay healthy while having fun. 

The programme is for busy people who don't want to sacrifice free time with family and friends to go to the gym

iKickFit will serve you with functional fitness

  • iKickFit is NOT for people who are looking to build muscles on top of muscles and look like bodybuilders
  • iKickFit is NOT for people who are expecting a Hollywood production, special effects and camera tricks... This programme is all about you and how the content serves YOU 

Who Is My Coach?

All of your sessions will be lead by the Founder of LIONS, Sensei Chirag Lukha. Chirag is a 4th Dan Black belt who has worked with countless celebrities and actors and has performed with martial arts around the world - most notably for the royalty of Dubai. He is the current (2019-20) English, British, European and World Martial Arts Champion. Lukha is passionate about using martial arts as a vehicle for empowerment. Chirag is a qualified Psychologist and brings his understanding of peak performance mindset to your training. Lukha has studied Shotokan Karate, Chinese Kickboxing, Shaolin WuShu and Kempo freestyle and has founded the LIONS Self Defence & Leadership Martial Arts system for which he has won several awards including the prestigious 'International Hall of Fame' in 2019.



"Shocked everybody in the venue and earned 5 gold medals" - Kickboxing Magazine (2020)
"A Martial Arts Superstar" - Ady Dayman, BBC (2019) 
"After all Chirag Lukha is a glowing symbol of hope" - DesiBlitz.com (2019)


"Martial arts has had such a powerful impact on my life and it is my absolute honour to serve so many families to also have such powerful transformations and live their best life. Through iKickFit, I will be pleased to have you join the LIONS family and happy to take this journey of self development with you." - Chirag Lukha

What Benefits Will I Get?

  • Feel a sense of PRIDE and ACCOMPLISHMENT as you progress through the levels
  • Burn more fat, in less time
  • Shine with CONFIDENCE when you look in the mirror and feel great from the inside
  • Build long, lean muscles
  • INSPIRE your Children, Family, Friends and Colleagues with your ACHIEVEMENTS
  • Feel great from the inside, look great from the outside

How Many Calories Can I Burn?


According to Harvard Health Publications, someone who is 11 Stones (70kg) can burn 372 calories in a 30 minute generic kickboxing programme. The same person would need to consistently do 3.5 miles per hour on a treadmill for over 90 minutes (#BORING!) to burn the same number of calories and still wouldn't get the same benefits of muscle toning, strengthening and functional fitness. 

Weigh More? If you weigh more, the good news is that, you will burn even more calories!

iKickFit is The Ultimate Self Defence

  • Self Defence Against Disease & Illness 
  • Self Defence Against Self Doubt
  • Self Defence Against Limiting Beliefs
  • Self Defence Against Excuses
  • Self Defence Against Mental Health Challenges 

100% Online

We know that life is busy, juggling gym can be an added stress. Sometimes the drive to the gym, finding parking and waiting around for equipment can take longer than the actual workout. So we wanted to find a solution, a workout that you can do in your own time. 

You can view your lessons ANYTIME, on ANY device and ANYWHERE in the world with full, unlimited access to your personal workspace. Just enter your username and password and off you go!

The Bonus LIVE CLASSES will be on Wednesdays (12pm GMT week 1 & week 3 and 6pm GMT week 2 & week 4).

If you miss a LIVE lesson then you can catch up with that in your own time too. This truly is self paced to suit your schedule. 

How is it Different to other Programmes?

Not only is our unique system different but we differ from traditional programmes in a few ways

  1. In your own time - no need to fit classes into your already busy schedule
  2. Ever Evolving - classes in a gym are generic which means you get bored and your body becomes used to the workout, thus leaving you spinning your wheels with no results to show. We have 5 different workouts and change them each month for your benefit
  3. Progress - conventional home study workouts give you a 30-90 day plan with no follow on progress. Our system takes you on a fitness journey that consistently makes you better, stronger, and creates the results you want. 
  4. Use what you have - Some programmes require a lot of space and fancy equipment. for iKickFit you only need a 6 foot square of space. No equipment is needed (but you have the option of adding weights after you reach a certain point in your progress - usually after 12 months). Martial artist, gymnasts and dancers have long since trained with next to no gym equipment and produced fantastic results. 
  5. Caring Community - Usually a home study programme will leave you to your own devices, with iKickfit you have the LIONS Family to keep you motivated and a coach who cares and will check in on your progress.


NO and certainly NOT! 

You don't need to be able to do flying kicks like bruce lee or lighting fast punches like Jackie Chan. While we teach a wildly successful martial arts programme, iKickFit is designed to use simple moves which you will master in seconds. This is all about your fitness progress, no experience needed!

Whats that saying - you don't have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great? well, think of that as the ethos of iKickFit, just take step one and everything else will become easy! This is an adventure we take together. 

Our mapped out journey will transport you from where you are to where you want to be with workout plans to suit your current stage and level of fitness. Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you progress to the next level and challenge yourself to find a new personal best - that is what iKickFit is about.

SOUNDS GREAT! How do I Get Started?


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