We would love to serve your family during this lockdown (and beyond, if you wish) with an easy, FUN and exciting martial arts based education.

  • Simple Equipment you already have around the house or can improvise
  • Can be done in approximately 1 X 1 meter space.
  • You have full 24/7 access to the materials. You can access it from any device, anywhere in the world whenever you like – as much as you like.

Are you stuck for ideas to make learning at home fun and engaging? We know that kids will be distracted by siblings, video games and toys (and maybe even the fridge).

This revolutionary programme is a resource for parents of kids 5-12 years old.

This NEW online programme uses martial arts as a vehicle to teach kids about…


And leave your kids feeling like EMPOWERED SUPER-NINJAS.


LIONS Self Defence & Leadership Martial arts is a breakthrough curriculum created by World Champion Martial Artist and Psychologist, Chirag Lukha. Over the years, with our in-person classes, we have empowered MANY MANY … MANY kids and teens.

The goal of LIONS is to take kids on an age specific journey through self development through self defence. We pride ourselves in empowering our students with life skills, through life saving skills.

During this pandemic we took elements of the LIONS programme to an online platform to continue serve our students on the highest level while maintaining their safety and success!

While society comes to a standstill and people become fearful we want to show kids that they, as leaders, can forge a new path and continue to achieve even in the face of obstacles.

We would like to also invite you to become a part of the LIONS extended family so that we may serve you during this difficult period.


At this time of uncertainty and Covid-chaos, kids have had their entire routines and way of life changed. We want to help your kids to find a positive in this and use this negative experience as a positive opportunity to teach lessons such as PERSEVERANCE, RESILIENCE, VERSATILITY, CONTROL, FOCUS, DISCIPLINE etc.

We define these in an age appropriate way. For example, Perseverance means to keep trying and never never give up. We then take this concept and find ways we can use this in martial arts, at home and at school.

Each week our drills, games and challenges will be based on one of these powerful concept.


Time flies when you are having fun. Our martial arts drills and games are designed to be challenging and super fun. They leave our kids sweating and smiling and wanting to do more. This is an EASY way to get your exercise for the day in.


Martial arts has long since been known to develop mindfulness. We have taken these concepts and made them age appropriate and fun. We then tailored them around ideas your kids already enjoy like Superheroes.


Using the latest concepts from the science of Neurobics and psychology we have created games which can be used as introductions and exciting ways to practice maths, spellings, phonics, vocabulary, musicality etc.



What this course isn’t…

  1. This course is NOT a piece of editing magic. No fancy intros, no fireballs shooting across the screen (at the moment anyway). But each video and drill is a valuable resource to empower kids and deepen your connection as a family.
  2. You will not be moving through belts BUT the achievement is AWESOME!


Firstly, you get FREE, totally unrestricted, full access for 24 hours to “TEST DRIVE” the material. YOU DON’T LOVE IT YOU DON’T PAY, We hope that you will stay with us, but if you don’t love it for any reason then just cancel within the first 24 hours and you don’t pay anything.

1) LIONS is about serving our community, and now that includes you. We want to help at this time and think it is our moral responsibility.
2) LIONS is a small business, by you contributing something you will help to keep us in a position to be able to continue to serve you all. We recommend £35 because the value is CERTAINLY double, but we will leave it up to you to decide. We will never increase your price.
3) We will donate 10% of proceeds to the NHS in order to support frontline staff and help in the fight against Covid-19

So set your own price to pay monthly (per 4 weeks, starting after the free first 24 hours) during the checkout. Regardless of the price you pick you will be a FULL member of LIONS online and embraced as such…you can cancel any time before a billing cycle with no obligation.

We look forward to serving your family and welcoming you to LIONS Online!!



  1. Please make sure there is an S in https:// in your browser – this will allow you to successfully checkout.
  2. As you go through this process you will be asked to make a username and password – Remember those details.
  3. You will Receive an e-mail titled ‘Your LIONS Self Defence order has been received’. Download the pdf which will show you exactly how to set your account up (takes about 30 seconds to do and is really easy). If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to me personally at chirag@LIONSSelfDefence.com and I will get back to you ASAP – Happy to help.


Suggested price: £35.00

Due every 4 weeks with 1 day free trial

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