How to keep your kids safe on Holiday

How to keep your kids safe on Holiday

How to keep your kids safe on Holiday

At LIONS Self Defence & Leadership Martial arts Leicester we are heading into our summer term! Some kids will be going on a summer holiday at some point over the next few weeks.

It is not uncommon for kids to become separated from their families on holiday. Most often they are very quickly re-united and its an event that they talk about over Christmas dinner.

However, it pays to have a plan in place. Here are 3 very easy tips that require very little effort but can give you peace of mind.

Hotel business card

(mostly for kids age 8+) When you check in to a hotel, pick up a business card. This card will have the hotel address and details on it. Give it to your kids and explain that if they ever get lost they can get into a taxi, or go into a shop and ask them to call for a taxi, and ask to be taken back to the hotel.

SIDE NOTE: Make sure that your kids have that card and some money every time you leave the hotel.

Meeting point

When you go to a busy place like a shopping centre or a beach your kids may explore their independence by going to the arcade or another shop by themselves if you deem it appropriate. Perhaps they just become separated while you look away for a moment. If in some way you become separated then have a meeting point.

The meeting point should be something that is easy to find and there is only one of. For example ‘meet near the giant teddy bear’. I am guessing there is only one whereas there may be many restrooms or food courts etc.

Temporary tattoo

Did you know that psychological research suggests that it is difficult to differentiate faces of people who are a different nationality to yourself? Other research suggests that it is also difficult to recognise faces when under pressure. So if you ask for help from a local person on holiday to search for your missing child then it may be difficult for them to actually assist.

Also if your child goes missing (I HOPE NEVER) then people may only search for kids they see alone as opposed to with someone else. This is why it pays to have some kind of marker that is easily recognisable.

One idea is to put a temporary tattoo on your childs hand. This way it is in a place that is easy to spot, it is not something that can be removed easily and it is an easier to recognise than a face.


Stay Safe!

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