THIS IS CONFIRMATION that your space on the LIONS Self Defence & Leadership Martial Arts course is Safe!  


STEP 1 -
A. Please add to your email contacts. I will be sending you emails to keep you updated on classes and I don't want you to miss them :)
B. Please like our page @LIONSSelfDefence on Facebook & Instagram.
C. Please add me @ChiragLukha on Facebook. This way I can always keep you updated on class information, gradings and events! 

Step 2 - Please download this welcome pack which will give you more details about your first class as well as details about location and what to wear. (IMPORTANT: This page will disappear once you close it so please download the information pack or save it to your favourites) If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out any time - I am happy to help! 

Step 3 - It is my hope to serve the community on the absolute highest level, to do this I need your help. Please spread the word about these classes so other parents can make the empowering decision that you have for your children's future. I have attached a few posters below that you can save and share. Thank you in advance :)

Step 4 - Come along to your class with your children, watch them grow as they have fun and become confident empowered leaders of tomorrow! 


PS. Heres that welcome pack again - welcome pack

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